About Cat Behavior Alliance - Cat Behavior Consults

Cat Behavior Alliance is the result of Linda and Rita’s wish to help cats and their people stay together. These ladies love cats… and we know you do, too! Together, these two certified Cat Behaviorists will help you decipher cat behaviors and discover what makes cats PURR with delight!

Why do we offer our Cat Behavior Consultations for so much less than other Cat Behaviorists? It’s true, we do need to make a living, and charging for our time and expertise is how we are able to take care of our own cat companions.

However, we don’t want the cost to prohibit people from affording help when they need it. We have a session to fit most budgets and situations.

About Rita Reimers & Linda Hall

Rita Reimers - Certified Cat Behavior Expert, Cat Mom to 16 cats, has been a cat parent for over 30 years, and a pet professional over 20. Her cats get along PURRfectly, with the occasional squabble that is natural for cats. During her cat rescue volunteer days and (former) owner of Just For Cats Pet Sitting, Rita has seen and experienced cat behavior in almost every situation you can imagine.

Linda Hall - Certified Cat Behavior Expert, Cat Mom to 12 cats and 1 dog, has been a cat parent for many years, and pet professional for 7+ years. Linda had the unique experience recently of merging together 2 separate cat clouders! She had to merge her 7 cats with her daughter’s 4 cats, but everyone made it though, and the cats get along well about 95% of the time. Linda is married to wonderful husband Brian, and has raised 8 kids.