Why Be a Doobert Forward Store Partner?

We feature your pet product(s) on the Doobert Forward Store and in our newsletter.

We promote your pet brand and product(s) to pet-loving people through our social media & podcast.

You contribute to keeping local animal rescues afloat so they can save more lives!

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

A customer places an order for your product at the Doobert Forward Store at retail price.

We go to your website and place an order on behalf of the customer at a discounted price.

You ship the order to the customer’s address and send the order receipt with the discount to us.

We pay 5% of the customer’s order to the animal rescue they selected and use the excess to cover our costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if my product is qualified to be listed?

    We welcome all kinds of pet products on the Doobert Forward Store as long as you are able to provide a minimum of 10% difference in pricing and include the shipping in your portion to allow us to pay 5% forward to animal rescues and cover our operating costs.

    If you offer pet-related services, don’t worry! We are working on creating a process to be able to feature you as well! Have suggestions on how we can get this started? We’d love to hear it! Shoot us a message at shop@doobert.com

  • How much price discount is required?

    We require a minimum of 10% difference in pricing between what you charge us versus what we list your products for on the Doobert Forward Store. This allows us to cover the 5% we pay forward to animal rescues as well as our operating costs. We would also need shipping to be included in your portion so as not to charge customers double shipping.

  • Why do I need to cover shipping?

    Since we are unable to maintain inventory, we fulfill orders from our partners through dropshipping. Due to this, customers may be charged multiple shipping fees if they order products from our supplier and from featured partners since the products will be coming from different locations. To prevent this, we would need partners to cover shipping in their portion of the price.

  • What assets do I need to provide?

    To list your products on the Doobert Forward Store, we would need:
    .High-quality PNG images of your product(s)
    .Product description(s)
    . A document with your discounted price offer/discount code and regular retail price
    . A document with your order fulfillment process

  • How long will my product be listed?

    For as long as you would like! There is no expiration date or renewal fees needed for listing your product(s) on the Doobert Forward Store.

  • How do you handle returns?

    For returns, we typically allow the customer to keep the item or encourage them to donate it to a local animal rescue or shelter then we give them a full refund. However, if you would prefer a different method, that’s no problem at all! Just let us know. We would be happy to find a compromise that works for the both of us.

  • How do I get started?

    Ready to join our pay-it-forward movement? Fill out the onboarding form below and let’s make this partnership official!

Ready to  Partner Up?

Fill out the onboarding form below and let’s make this partnership official!